St. Thomas Giving garden

The Giving Garden is our most recent outreach project at St Thomas.  It was made possible by generous gifts from The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust, The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, The Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation,  Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley Farm Fresh Food Program, and Millbrook Garden Club.

The Giving Garden contains 16 oversized raised beds and 28 new box beds in which we grow fresh organic produce. All of the produce is distributed each week at our Food of Life Food Pantry.  Lack of access and inability to afford fresh produce is a real issue for our food pantry neighbors.  Living on cheap, processed food has taken a toll on their health and made everyday living more difficult. It is our belief and hope that providing them with fresh produce and also teaching them how to prepare it will go a long way in improving their health and their quality of life.

The Giving Garden is also a place where everyone in the community can come together and do some good.  We especially encourage our food pantry neighbors to come and be part of the care and keeping of the garden.