What We Do

A focused and passionate commitment to changing its community for the better is a sign of a healthy and Spirit-led church.  St. Thomas takes its mission serioulsy: to care for the most vulnerable in our area and abroad and to care for and reconnect to creation.


— Comida de Vida/Food of Life Pantry

Providing fresh, nutritious food weekly for our neighbors in need. Comida de Vida/Food of Life is a cheerful, encouraging community where all are treated with respect. We are all worthy of a full stomach and a sense of dignity.


— The Giving Garden


Growing food and connecting us to creation. The Giving Garden is a large garden tended by community members. The garden’s yield is used to provide fresh vegetables to Comida de Vida/Food of Life. Neighbors are encouraged to visit and connect to nature by getting their hands dirty.


— Change the Babies


Supporting health and wellness for the Mompong Babies Home in the Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana. We collect spare change on a weekly basis and support a parentless child with food and medicine. Though one person’s spare change seems insignificant, the impact when it is gathered together is life-changing.

The food pantry numbers at a glance